Self-Quarantine Made Easier with MedicSignal

These days, we hear a lot about self-isolation because, at least for now, is the only weapon we have against COVID-19. Especially for those who are at risk, like the elderly and immunocompromised.

A lot of emphasis is put on those going into self-isolation, but what about their caregivers? They take up a lot of responsibility and have concerns of their own. Caring for an elderly or ill family member is expensive, exhausting and time consuming. Now we also have to factor social distancing as well, which makes it difficult for people to check on one another in person.

Peace of mind for everyone

MedicSignal is a medic alert that responds when the user cannot. To show everything’s OK, the user swipes an alarm. If they don’t swipe, MedicSignal will contact friends and family with the GPS location, letting them know something is wrong.  You can choose the person the MedicSignal alert is sent to. Someone you know will help you no matter what.

The app, available in for Apple and Android, can be especially useful for those in self-isolation away from family because it gives them another layer of protection. Depending on the situation, it can be a lot easier to not swipe an alarm and “sit this one out” than try to call an ambulance for yourself or try to explain to someone on the phone what’s going on.

For caregivers, MedicSignal reduces the stress of having to “keep checking in” on their loved one and always worry that something might be wrong the next time they call. It also gives them clear guidance on what’s expected from them – which is to receive a message and pass it on to the emergency services.

MedicSignal can improve the overall physical and emotional health of caregivers and health professionals by freeing up spare time, reducing burnout, and allowing more privacy and better healthcare.

Avoid overwhelming the health system

This technology puts the control of health alerts in the hands of users and their families, with the great potential of reducing pressure on the health system, from ambulance services to health professionals. MedicSignal detects unresponsive users, and it provides those in self-isolation the opportunity to get help when they need it.  This is important so the health system keeps functioning as it should and everyone stays healthy.

Accessible for everyone

MedicSignal can be used in many nations, including developing countries. As an app, the service is accessible and affordable for everyone, no need of expensive equipment or extensive technological knowledge.

Given the current crisis, we would like to get the word out to more people who might benefit from using MedicSignal. Please share this information with your family and friends and let’s flatten the curve together!

You deserve to get help. MedicSignal is the advantage you need.

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Installment Loans and How They Change Lives

A Golden Key


Cash is an indispensable piece of how we live our lives, in any case. There are numerous things that require cash, and significant changes that we need to make to our lives will frequently require huge totals of cash. Through the cautious utilization of portion advances, individuals are engaged monetarily to completely change themselves to improve things. Credits are brilliant keys, yet they require discipline installment loans in reimbursement to forestall causing more mischief than help. In what capacity can credits change lives? Here are a couple of short stories to outline this miracle of fund.


Moving Out, Moving Up


James experienced childhood in an awful piece of town. His folks were not the best individuals, and they couldn’t ever manage the cost of more than the minimum essentials, however they were a nearby family. All things considered, James grew up continually needing a superior life for himself and his folks. Subsequent to completing junior college at the highest point of his group, he handles a respectable occupation. Following a couple of months, he finds a home in one of the better pieces of town that would be ideal for his folks and himself. He applies for a credit at a bank, and purchases the house. He goes through the following two decades taking care of somewhat consistently, however not even once lamented his choice to move out of the old neighborhood.


The Final Stretch


Paul is a law understudy, and is set to turn into a legal advisor in under a year on the off chance that he produces passing results for the lawyer’s quiz. He is persevering and constant, and his folks are glad to accommodate him until he gets his permit. At this vital time, catastrophe strikes. While visiting their family members, Paul’s folks are trapped in a seismic tremor that causes the house they were in to fall on them. Paul’s folks are dead, and Paul is hit with despondency. In the wake of masterminding his folks’ memorial service and internment, he is left with minimal expenditure and no obvious methods for completing school. There is trust, be that as it may. With a portion credit that he orchestrates with a bank, he can complete the last stretch and turns into a legal advisor and attempts to take care of his obligation. Catastrophe may strike, however individuals are strong and will proceed onward with their lives. At the point when these catastrophes strike, credits can demonstrate valuable in recuperation and pushing past hindrances.


A Cure For Many


Maria is an analyst on irresistible ailments and drugs. She is determined and autonomous, and wouldn’t like to request help from her organization. She accepts she is near an achievement in her own examination, yet the lab tests and gear she needs to test her hypothesis cost substantially more than she can save. With the ailment she is exploring contaminating more individuals day by day, time was basic. She does what needs to be done and takes out a portion advance that could either spare a large number of lives or disabled person her monetarily. Her speculation pays off, and her paper gets a lot of consideration in her expert network. Before long, medications dependent on her exploration results are made and dispersed, sparing thousands and possibly forestalling a lot more contaminations. Great individuals frequently don’t have the assets to cause extraordinary things to occur, yet in any event credits are accessible for them to improve the world a spot.