Best gyms in Orlando Florida

Boutique Fitness Studios and Gyms in Orlando, FL

Orlando is a city that knows trends and knows how to stay on top of them. Fitness is no exception. These unique fitness and exercise options will keep any workout fresh.

A Magi Belly Dance

A Magi offers classes in several kinds of belly dance, including traditional and tribal, plus Bollywood, African dance, Flamenco, Samba, and more. Classes are available for children and adults, and men are welcome too. Members can even join performance troupes.

WinterClub Indoor Ski and Snowboard

Skyrim at WinterClub Indoor Ski and Snowboard is an indoor workout based on snow-skiing techniques. No actual ski experience is needed; the specialized equipment takes care of the positioning. It’s low impact but high intensity, and it burns calories fast in only a 30-minute workout.

Vixen Fitness

Vixen Fitness is all about keeping women feeling sexy and looking great. They offer group classes like burlesque, lap dancing, booty bouncing, and how to be a video vixen, plus private parties and specialty training. The studio features standard exercise classes as well, such as yoga, Zumba, and a variety of cardio and sculpting classes. Get the best energy drink here at this gym to enhance your workout.

Foxy Fitness

It’s sexy, fun, and empowering, and it is definitely a total body workout. Foxy Fitness in Ocoee offers classes that combine skill, body positivity and feeling amazing in a judge-free zone. Pole classes for beginners are also available, while intermediate and advanced students can learn tricks and inversions. Foxy Fitness also has Foxy Boxing, chair workouts, and even Zumba for kids.

Orlando Aerial Arts

Orlando Aerial Arts takes working out to new heights, with classes in silks, aerial yoga, hammock, aerial hoop, and more. Beginners work in groups, and advanced students can try partnered exercises. There are classes for children and adults, and private instruction is available.


This is not the Jazzercise of late-night commercials or old 1980s ads. Jazzercise of the 21st century is a serious, dynamic workout. Each 60-minute class incorporates dance, cardio, strength training, yoga, hip-hop, and more for a total-body workout. There are nine locations in the metro Orlando area, offering AM and PM classes for all ages. The Mills 50 premier location is a great place to start.

Studio K

At Studio K, pop culture meets fitness with lightsaber classes, which uses fight choreography based on the beloved Star Wars series and adds toning and cardio techniques, creating a workout for all fitness levels. That’s not all the studio offers, either—other classes include dance, hula hoop, POUND drum fitness, and more, plus musical theatre classes and improv (with guest instructors such as Julie Brown).

Wave of Wellness

One of the best things about fitness in Florida is the abundance of natural water sources. A wave of Wellness combines two popular workouts to create an outdoor fitness adventure. Sup Yoga is for beginners, and Bala Tuga Yoga (exclusive to Wave) is a combination of yoga, pilates, Budokan, and weights for those who already have basic paddleboard experience. Wave offers “land-based” yoga as well, with classes for children and adults.

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