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Create a Website Using WordPress

Are you ready to start a website? Have you been wondering what format your site should be set up in, with all the choices there are out there? Then you really should consider using WordPress blogging.

You likely know WordPress as one of the most popular blogging platforms available but it can do so much more then use let you post a few entries to your blog. Using WordPress as a Website or CMS (Content Management System) has many advantages, here are some to consider:

– Easy Setup:
Setting up WordPress is easy. If you have fantastico in your domain’s control panel then in a few clicks you’ll have WordPress up and running. If you don’t have fantastico then you can do a manual install, which takes a little more time but isn’t complicated if you follow the directions. If you are uncomfortable with either of those options you can always hire someone to do it for you. It won’t be pricey to do this as it doesn’t take a long time for someone who knows what their doing.

– User Updates:
Updating a traditional website that was built by someone else can be costly to the site owner because you have to pay a designer, you also have the wait while they get back to you and actually get it done for you. Using a system like WordPress is much more user-friendly and easier to learn. You can be updating your own site in no time and changes are instant – you don’t have to wait for a designer to have time to do the edits for you!

– Easily Outsourced:
Another great advantage to using WordPress for your website is that you can easily outsource website updates and changes. You can set your virtual assistant up with their own username and password and all she’ll need to do is log in online to work on your site. No making sure you have the most recent version of a website or making sure you don’t overwrite someone else’s work.

– Management of Content:
A great thing about using WordPress as a website is the use of the Categories and Archives that are built into the program. You can categorize your content into different sections and WordPress will automatically sort it for you.

– Search Engine Friendly:
Search engines love websites that are frequently updated. Because of the nature of blogs and WordPress you’ll likely be updating very frequently and this is good news for your search engine rankings. You’ll also be found in the blog search engines which can also give your site a boost.

– RSS Feed Subscriptions:
When you use create a website using WordPress you also get a RSS feed. Now readers of your site can subscribe to your RSS feed and be notified every time you add new content to the site. This is a great way to keep your website ‘sticky’ and have people coming back for more information.

That should give you just a few ideas on how you can start using WordPress to create a website that draws in more traffic and makes your life easier.

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