Fiberglass Shower Cubicles

Fiberglass shower cubicles not only enhance the interior of your bathroom, it also enhances the look of your showers and bathtubs, making the overall theme cozy. The material fiberglass does not get easily scraped or scratched and is quite smooth with a heavy resistance to scratches. This prevents water from leaking to the bathroom floor and water splashing to the walls and mirrors. Almost all shower cubicles have fiberglass shower pans with slip resistant floors to add more strength and durability for the object.

Most shower cubicles have built in towel bars, cabinets as well as several shelves which are great for storing soaps, scrubs, shampoos and other bathroom materials.

Fiberglass Cubicle Designs

Fiberglass cubicles have a lot of design and styles to match your own taste and mood. These shower cubicles have high quality fiberglass due to the colors not easily fading. Beside, you can purchase them at a lower price than the ones that are being sold at very expensive prices due to using expensive materials. They need a lot less maintenance while still having a shiny and elegant appearance.

Fiberglass cubicles can be divided into Gel-coated fiberglass cubicles or Acrylic fiberglass cubicles. The gel-coated fiberglass is considered to be one of the most popular because they are quite affordable while still being hard and durable. You will need to apply the correct temperature to make sure that the gel is properly coated. Previous scratches can disappear almost completely if repairs of the gel-coated fiberglass is done correctly.

Acrylic fiberglass cubicles on the other hand are also beautiful but they are more difficult to repair. They require a certain temperature to turn out properly and since the heated up sheets of acrylic are stretched out over a mold, they become very thin.

Choosing and Installing the Fiberglass Cubicle

So now we will have to find out how to find the right fiberglass cubicle. While choosing a fiberglass cubicle, make sure to take note of the size that you need. If you’re going to combine both shower and bathtub then make sure that the cubicle fits perfectly within the area. It’s going to be hard if the place is cramped. So it is very important to measure the total surface area first before you buy the shower cubicle.

Also make sure that you have enough space in your bathroom if you plan on getting a complete unit. You also need to consider which cubicle door would work well with your bathroom shower. If you don’t have a big bathroom and only very limited space, it is advisable to install a neo-angle shower door which will make sure that the cubicle door has hinges so that the door can be directly attached to the glass for ease of use. As a good alternative to fiberglass shower cubicles, you can also use fiberglass tub cubicles.

Installation of fiberglass cubicle is not at all hard. You will need a new razor to be able to cut the soiled shower stall out of the molding. The same place of the old shower and shower tray would easily fit into the new shower cubicle. In the end, if you want to remodel your bathroom without spending a lot of money, get yourself one of those fiberglass shower cubicles.

Though, they are not really that expensive, but they are definitely worth it as they have the best looking designs and the easiest to maintain.

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