Pure Water Distillers

The very nature of technology is that it is a fluid, dynamic process which actively evolves and grows. Any breakthrough and development in technology is not so much based upon the development of something new, but rather, the improvement of what currently exists.

At the time, when it was first created, pure water distillers were critically acclaimed for their remarkable health benefits and their effectiveness are helping to refine and purify drinking water.

Given that general awareness and knowledge concerning the risks inherent to drinking water were pretty minimal, it is little wonder that pure water distillers were given the hero’s welcome that they received.

However, with the passage of time, people began to realize that the distillers were not quite as effective as previously thought, because the purity of water is not only compromised by and comes under threat from bacteria, but also chemicals as well.

The problem however was trying to convince people who had relied upon the systems for such a long time that in reality, they were not terribly effective. People had used them for so long that they had managed to completely convince themselves that these distillers were the new cutting edge item for water purity, and which could not be bettered.

It is vital that we draw a distinction between the lack of effectiveness of the distillers on the basis that they do not remove the chemical toxins present in water, as opposed to a blanket rejection of the technology as a whole. In other words, whilst the technology is limited in what it can (and cannot) do, it does possess some redeeming features.

Unfortunately, in order to make pure water distillers fully operational, it is necessary to install an exceptionally costly and expensive carbon based filter which is used to strain out the various chemicals which are commonly found within water.

To make things even worse, the filters also end up filtering out the various healthy minerals present within water, meaning that we lose out on some of the most vital minerals needed for health. Studies have also shown a direct and causal correlation between such demineralised water, and cancer risks.

As can be seen, if you are looking for a reliable pure water solution then look no further than the multi stage filtration systems, as these have been proven time and time again to be the most effective and cost effective means of filtering water. Not only does it remove organic waste but also removes the various chemicals and other pollutants typically found in water.
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