The Wealth Formula – Mindset, the Real Key

If you wish to develop considerable wealth… read on! This may be one of the most important articles you read on the subject. To begin with, let me tell you straight up that there are a handful of factors that are critical to developing wealth. If you utilize these factors in your wealth development efforts, you’ll find yourself reaching your goal much quicker than otherwise. And none of these factors is difficult to understand: making the development of financial freedom a major life goal, having a can-do mindset, obtaining a mentor, taking action, and utilizing a daily plan.

At the same time, there are also ideas about developing wealth that you might as well dismiss. These are the ideas perpetuated by either people who, selfishly, don’t want others to know how they can develop wealth, or those who are inherently cynical and can’t fathom the idea that they could obtain wealth if they just changed the way they thought about things. What are these erroneous ideas? Well, one of the major ones is the idea that you already need to be financially well-off in order to achieve even greater riches. Baloney! There are so many people who have become well-off from having absolutely zero that it’s not even worth considering such a viewpoint for more than a nanosecond. Another falsehood is the idea that you have to follow a certain approach – e.g. trade the markets or invest in property, or whatever – if you’re to ever develop wealth. Again, there are too many exceptions to this “rule” that it’s not worth giving the idea the time of the day.

In reality, developing wealth begins with how you think. This means a few things. For one thing, it means believing that you have what it takes to develop riches. For another thing, it means determining that you’ll do everything possible – i.e. that’s legal, moral and ethical – to develop the level of wealth you want.

It almost goes without saying that the real key separating those who have developed wealth and those who haven’t is MINDSET. Forget the “what” and “how” of developing wealth. They don’t matter… not to begin with… and not if you haven’t got the right mindset.

You see, your mindset is the most powerful asset you have in your efforts to develop wealth. And it’s also the most destructive obstacle to developing wealth if your mindset is NOT supporting your objectives. What is the right mindset to have? It’s one where you innately believe that you deserve wealth, that you are able to develop wealth, and that you will do what it takes to develop that wealth. If you don’t think this way – or worse, your mindset is programmed to think the very opposite – then you are unlikely to ever develop the wealth you want.

Look at a handful of wealthy people from diverse backgrounds and you’ll soon appreciate that there are a variety of ways to develop wealth. But what is common to all – and is key to your ability to develop wealth – is the mindset that you can and will develop the wealth you desire.

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